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The CEM is the first and only certification recognized by the US Government!
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The CEM and the CEA are recognized in the UK and Ireland under EU Energy Directive!
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CAP as Route to become Certified Carbon Auditor (CCA)

Under the Carbon Labelling Scheme, a Certified Carbon Auditor (CCA) is an individual who is qualified to conduct carbon footprint of products (CFP) qualification and reporting for a particular product category under the scheme.

AEE Hong Kong Chapter is pleased to report that one of the courses organized by the Association, the Carbon Auditor Professional (CAP), has been recognized by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) as one of the pre-requisites in Route 1 to become a CCA.

For more information, please visit the CIC website at:-

The Association will hold CAP courses regularly, with one just completed in March 2015. Please visit this website regularly to check out for the next CAP course opening.

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