President's Message

It is my honor and pleasure to be elected President of the Association of Energy Engineer Hong Kong Chapter,( "the Chapter" ) at the Annual General Meeting held on 28th May 2015.I am extremely grateful to the past Presidents and Executive Council members who have worked very hard and devoted their personal resources to make the Chapter a strong, successful organization it is today.

In June 2015, the HKSAR Government announced its energy saving vision in the legislating council and set its vision out in the Energy Saving Plan for Hong Kong’s Built Environment 2015 – 2025 and beyond. The target of the plan is to reduce the energy intensity by 40% by 2025. To meet this target and challenge, we anticipate there will be a drastic increase in manpower demand in the energy industry in Hong Kong. The Chapter will therefore continue to organizeas much as possible theCAP and CEM courses; including the 'On line CEM and CAP training courses', and the training courses using authorized local trainersfor enhancing the competence and performance of local engineers.

We are also in close liaison with Baptist University for setting up an AEEHK student chapter, which we have received very positive response and support from Professor S K So and Prof. Robert Chan of the Baptist University of Hong Kong.  It is our plan to set up the local student chapter in 2015-2016 in the Baptist University.  If successful, we shall have our student Chapter. We wish this plan can flourish and can be duplicated in other local universities and vocational organizations as well to broaden our new membership base, particularly for in-taking new blood into the energy industry.

The other areasof our works areto maintain the Chapter as a learned society and a platform for the energy engineers and practitioners to share experience and knowledge on energy issues,and government policies;tocontinueto work with other energy institutions and societiesto organize functions and activities for the benefits of our members; to network with our industry peers on promoting public awareness and participation of sustainable use of  energy, energy conservation and wider use of renewable energy.

With ourstrong core of very capable committeemembers together with the continual support from our fellow members, the associated energy institutions andpartners; I am confident that the Chapter will continue to make good progress in the years to come. 

Ir K C Tam


Association of Energy Engineers (Hong Kong Chapter)

(Session of 2015-2017)